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What is an MTTR indicator?

Measuring the overall effectiveness of the production processes as well as of the entire TPM system (TPM: Total Productive Maintenance) is possible only when based

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How does the spare inventory management support predictive maintenance?

Spare inventory management at its full capacity is the key element of the
production process and maintenance in any business.
Nevertheless, with management methods selected properly, it is possible to
dramatically increase the productivity and eliminate the operational costs.
Why not find out for yourself how smart inventory management can support
predictive maintenance?

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Preventive Maintenance

The basic success factor of most manufacturing businesses is a smooth functioning of equipment in the machine park, indispensable in the production process. Effective traffic

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Predictive maintenance

In order to better understand the strategy of predictive maintenance, letʼs have a closer look at the meaning of the word itself. «In general, prediction

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Key performance indicators (KPIs) for maintenance

The key area of technical supply management work at a company is the
maintenance service. Maintenance service for business has an important
meaning, mainly for preparing and maintaining the technical condition of the machine parks as well
as for efficient supply management.

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What is the OEE indicator?

One of the most important key performance indicators is the OEE (Overall
Equipment Effectiveness). This marker defines the total equipment
effectiveness and allows the maintenance service to estimate the effectiveness
of the machine use at the manufacturing facility accurately. Find out what the
OEE indicator is and how to calculate it.

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What is the MTTF indicator?

The MTTF Indicator (MTTF: Mean time to failure) determines the average time it will take for a failure to occur. This is especially important in

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What is an MTBF indicator?

MTBF stands for the Mean Time Between Failures. It is an indicator defining time between failures; it also allows you to determine how reliable the

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What is a CMMS ?

CMMS stands for computerized maintenance management system and it is a
computer software created as means to support maintenance at production