QRmaint: SAP Business Partner

In June 2024, QRmaint officially attained the status of SAP PartnerEdge Open Ecosystem partner. This marks our initial step towards collaborating within the SAP ecosystem, affirming our industry knowledge and understanding of SAP ERP system users.

With a focus on our clients’ well-being, our goal is to provide top-quality services also to businesses utilizing SAP solutions. Addressing our clients’ needs, we aim to send a clear signal to SAP system users about the integration capabilities of QRmaint CMMS with SAP solutions.

What does SAP partnership entail?

As a recognized partner in the SAP ecosystem, we aim to offer support within the SAP environment to manufacturing, logistics, and other firms that have been leveraging SAP ERP in their operations for years. Our partnership with SAP underscores several critical aspects of our operations for the benefit of our clients:

IT Expertise and Technical Skills

As SAP partners, we possess technical skills and specialized knowledge, including areas such as CMMS system integration with ERP, data analytics, and IT infrastructure. We combine this expertise with industrial sector experience, ensuring alignment of IT solutions with our clients’ goals and strategies.

Trust and Transparency

Partnership within the SAP environment is also about effective, secure, and transparent communication channels that promote trust and transparency in all transactions. Thus, we offer our clients reliability and consistency in fulfilling commitments, promises, and contracts.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Operating in the SAP environment, we offer maximum flexibility and adaptability to changing market conditions, technologies, and business needs. We are a company that addresses real operational challenges through a CMMS system that tangibly improves KPIs such as MTTR, MTTF, MTBF, and others.

Mutual Benefits

Partnering with SAP is a win-win situation for both our clients and us. We create value for our clients, providing unique benefits that enhance overall performance and competitiveness in the market.

Long-term Commitment

As SAP partners, we offer sustainable development for your enterprise. Our partnership should be seen as a long-term commitment where both parties invest in relationship sustainability. We prioritize continuous improvement and innovation to maintain a dynamic and future-ready working environment for our clients.

These are just some of the advantages we bring to the SAP environment, benefiting numerous clients who are already SAP system users and derive great satisfaction from concurrently using the QRmaint CMMS system.

SAP partner

Official SAP Partner Label: SAP PartnerEdge Open Ecosystem

What’s important for QRmaint CMMS users leveraging SAP ERP?

Undoubtedly, the most crucial information for companies using SAP ERP is that QRmaint CMMS system is fully integrable with SAP. This includes not only SAP ERP itself but also its individual modules that may require integration. Below are other features and benefits for SAP ERP companies looking to implement QRmaint CMMS:

  • Seamless Integration: Users expect smooth integration between QRmaint and SAP, enabling real-time data synchronization.
  • API: Leveraging robust API interfaces automates information flow between ERP systems and QRmaint CMMS.
  • Data Centralization: ERP and CMMS users can rely on unified data from both systems, enhancing resource management.
  • Information Timeliness: Keeping data current supports decision-making based on up-to-date information. QRmaint CMMS monitors tasks and machine fleet status, providing real-time data to the ERP environment.
  • Resource Management: QRmaint supports efficient inventory management, and integration with SAP allows better control over stocks and supplies.
  • Planning and Scheduling: QRmaint’s task planning and scheduling functions can integrate with SAP modules for improved maintenance operation coordination.
  • CMMS Reporting: Users can extract QRmaint data easily accessible in SAP for comprehensive reporting and analysis.
  • Data Visualization: Integration capabilities for data visualization features from QRmaint, such as dashboard TVs and machine fleet plans, are crucial for better understanding machine and equipment status.
  • Process Customization: QRmaint integration supports specific business processes like machine downtime planning, ensuring compliance with company procedures and operational continuity.
  • Process Automation: Workflow automation between QRmaint and SAP reduces manual interventions and errors.
  • User-friendly Interface: QRmaint features an intuitive interface that extends ERP capabilities with functionalities like mobility, multimedia storage (photos, videos), personnel management, task management, etc.
  • Training and Support: QRmaint provides access to appropriate CMMS training and technical support, crucial for users to fully leverage both systems. We offer comprehensive CMMS system onboarding for SAP-utilizing companies.
  • System Updates: Regular CMMS software updates ensure both systems stay current with the latest features and fixes.


QRmaint has been serving the market for nearly 8 years, earning the trust of over 500 companies worldwide with diverse business profiles. A significant portion of our clients are SAP ERP users, such as Valvex (valves producer from Europe).

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of integrating QRmaint CMMS with SAP. Our advanced IT solutions will help your company achieve new levels of performance and innovation. Join the ranks of satisfied clients today!


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    Integrating QRmaint with SAP ERP streamlines maintenance processes by providing real-time data synchronization, reducing downtime, and improving resource management. This leads to more efficient operations and better decision-making.

    SAP users benefit from seamless data synchronization, automated workflows, and unified data access, which enhance maintenance planning, inventory control, and overall operational efficiency.

    QRmaint’s SAP PartnerEdge Open Ecosystem status ensures expert technical support, innovative integration solutions, and a commitment to continuous improvement, providing SAP ERP users with reliable and tailored maintenance management solutions.ess


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