Features designed for easier maintenance

Work Order Management

The work order management tools are the core of a maintenance program.
They provide control over work backlog and upcoming work, boost labor productivity , improve communication in the team.

Scheduling tasks

Preventive maintenance help keep equipment up and running, preventing unplanned downtime and reduce costs from unanticipated equipment failure.
Automatically generate work orders based on time or meter-based triggers

Asset managemant

Full access to the asset at any time. Just scan the code QR or search in the system.

Inventory and Costs

  • Monitor inventory levels by applying quantity thresholds
  • Alerts of low inventory levels
  • Associate parts with their respective equipment

External work requests

Support for external work request via the organization request portal or simply by scanning code QR

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Solutions for industries of all kinds

Check how QRmaint can help you address your business’ challenges. 

QRmaint combines the functions of maintenance management and asset management of the company. An ideal solution for both small and large manufacturing companies focusing on automation of tasks and processes.

Managing a facility, e.g. an office building, is a series of activities that the manager must remember. Periodic inspections, maintenance, site inspections and much more ...
QRmaint will help you plan and automate tasks and maintenance work.

QRmaint helps property owners and administrators keep track of the object's status. Any defects such as leaking windows, dirty room, broken door through the application portal for the tenant go to the system.


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