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Implementation at DB Cargo

We examined the marketplace. We sought a service where value and cost were mutually exclusive. We assumed that we had an hour to comprehend the software. It is not for us if we do not comprehend it now. QRmaint is a software designed for maintenance that is very visible. There was nothing wrong here.

Jarosław Kurach – Maintenance coordinator

Rail freight, sand mining, siding operation, and rolling stock maintenance are all activities carried out by the Polish firm DB Cargo Polska (DB Schenker Rail Polska until April 2016), which has its headquarters in Zabrze. It is a member of the German corporation Deutsche Bahn as of July 2009. Nearly 3,000 people work for DB Cargo Polska. Today, we speak with DB Cargo’s maintenance coordinator, Jarosaw Kurach.

What did Maintenance at DB Cargo look like before utilising QRmaint’s services?

We used to keep everything in Excel. Paper versions of assignments, notes, and error reports were accepted. It led to significant turmoil. We hade to change that.

Why did you choose QRmaint over other CMMS platforms?

We investigated the market. Our goal was to select a service where value and cost are mutually exclusive. Our only presumption was that we would need an hour to comprehend the software. It’s not for us if we don’t understand it right away.

How would you rate the application implementation procedure at DB Cargo?

A software designed for maintenance called QRmaint is quite transparent. No issues existed in this instance. You don’t have to sift through countless tabs in quest of the one thing you need because there aren’t too many options available. With regards to upkeep, cost control, service reminders, managing human resources, etc., we are entirely delighted with its features. That’s all a Maintenance coordinator would require.

Which QRmaint features do you think are the most useful? How many DB Cargo employees are currently utilising our app?

Presently, 25 technicians are working with QRmaint every day, and 200 users are reporting defects.

Here, there are two sides: the side of the technicians, and the side of the notifiers. The progress of a certain application is visible to UR masters and foremen. Only the tasks that are allocated to technicians are completed. Everyone is always aware of what they ought to be doing in this manner. Everyone is informed about workplace events, even when on vacation or other time off.

– With QRmaint, what issues have been resolved?

Communication. Prioritizing and priority of tasks was our biggest issue. the task’s immediate surroundings, including obtaining supplies, organising orders, and assigning jobs. We rotate between shifts at DB Cargo, therefore we delegate work to the following shift. Now that everyone is aware of what has been completed and what remains to be done to end the work, all the technician needs to do is add a comment to the task. In terms of how the job is organised, there is a coordinator and a group of mechanics, electricians, and electronics technicians on each shift.

– How did you boost the team’s productivity while accelerating task completion?

The reaction time is now significantly faster. The group of people who are interested in the issue are also aware of the specifics and their role in this activity.

We place more and more value on analytics today. We may view information such as the quantity of requests, the location of the bottleneck, the area that is the most problematic, and whether the issue is ongoing. This form is useful both for the complaint process and for the audits themselves. Our CMMS system from QRmaint helps us pass audits.

– What further development initiatives does DB Cargo have in mind for QRmaint?

We’ve got a few thoughts. With regard to QRmaint, I have taken pleasure in working with you from the start. The next version of the software would always receive an update with fixes for any issues or ideas. There is a plan to deploy Industry 4.0, where machines will notify errors on their own through the system’s introduction of an API.

– Would you advise other businesses to utilise our app and use QRmaint?

Without a doubt, I advise trying it. It pays to be receptive to fresh ideas. Many individuals think it’s pointless to look because we’ll never find a better answer after we’ve found one. I believe that in this case, being open-minded and experiencing the 14-day version entirely will be sufficient to determine whether this is the right choice for us.

Thank you for the interview.

Learn from our clients and their stories

We work with different sized businesses and all types of industries. The thing they all have in common is that they trusted us to keep their equipments and properties safe and sound.

The QRmaint system is a piece of software that perfectly satisfies the needs of Industry 4.0.

Tomasz Wachowski

Deputy Technical Director

The Qrmaint system, which was implemented in our business, has greatly enhanced both the work of our Maintenance team and the team's response to persistent production difficulties.

Rafał Topolski

Production Process Optimisation Engineer

Reporting a failure by scanning the QR code on the machine has technically ruled out any inaccuracies concerning the device affected by the problem submitted. Saving all the requests within the system results in an excellent overview of which machines are causing issues the most.

Krzysztof JANIK

Automation Service Supervisor

The most important part for me is that my employees know how many work orders are left to be completed and what the priorities are. Technicians have access to all tasks in real time. We have basically completely eliminated situations which would occur frequently in the past, e.g. certain work orders were often missed, overlooked or entirely forgotten.

Arkadiusz Tetloch

Manager of Maintenance and Innovation

I divide my work at the company into 2 stages: 1. Numerous pointless phone calls, constant updates on the status of fault rectification, and a vast array of issues that went unresolved existed prior to the implementation of QRmaint. 2. When QRmaint is used, everyone is interested in staying informed, the ability to focus attention on pertinent issues, and 100% of reported issues are resolved.

Aleksander Penkowski

Head of the maintenance

Thanks to the QRmaint CMMS system we could finally forget filling out tons of paper. We now have easy access to the history of failures, repairs and services. Also the response time to each reported failure has been significantly reduced.

Anna Ciesielska

Process Engineer

I set up QRmaint myself in one evening, and already in the following days there were reports of failures by technicians and serial workers :)

Tomasz Pruszyński

Production Director

The QRmaint system replaced hundreds of emails, which, regardless of the subject matter, were sent to everyone on the list, instead of just to the individuals they were intended for. Previously, when the failure had already been taken care of, nobody really knew about it. Today we have an insight on an up to date status of each failure.

Mariusz Staniszewski

IT Department Manager

The system works flawlessly. The reaction time of our teams has significantly decreased. This is a much better communication model than phones and writing notes.

Maciej Hartfil

Dean, University of Physical Education, Warsaw

From the moment the Qrmaint system has been implemented at our company, it is still being adjusted to our needs - the functions are being adapted to the specifics of our industry, e.g.: there was no schedule in place when we got the program off the ground but now it not only exists- it looks pretty much like a Google calendar.

Jacek Turkowski

Property Maintenance Coordinator

QRmaint dał się poznać jako firma rzetelna, elastyczna oraz reagująca na pomysły i uwagi użytkowników. System ułatwia nam pracę, a jego funkcjonalności dokonywania zgłoszeń z zadowoleniem zostały przyjęte przez naszych klientów.

Sławomir Pinkowski

Prezes Zarządu

The QRmaint system increased the competitiveness of our services within the property management industry. In addition to standard maintenance services, we can now provide our clients with a tool allowing them to quickly report any failures that may occur and to report on the work performed on their property.

Mateusz Czerwiński

The implementation of the QRmaint application turned out to be THE solution for the greatest challenge of all: instant damage control. The next step in the implementation will be to use it to support the work of those managing cleaning service companies.

Pawel Migacz

Managing Director


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