What is an MTTR indicator?

Measuring the overall effectiveness of the production processes as well as of
the entire TPM system (TPM: Total Productive Maintenance) is possible only
when based on effectiveness markers, or the KPIs (Key Performance
Indicators). The KPIs allow the companies to verify the progress and the trend
estimate within the machine park. One of the basic KPIs of significant meaning
for the maintenance service is precisely the MTTR indicator (MTTR: Mean
Time To Repair).

What do you need the MTTR indicator for?

The MTTR indicator describes the time on average- the mean time, from the
moment a failure occurs to the moment the equipment starts working again.
Which is why its use has such a significant impact on the trend estimate when
it comes to effectiveness and speed of failure removal.
The MTTR indicator is usually utilized in the context of the TPM management
program, although it can also be employed regardless of the management
program in use.
The mean time from the moment the failure took place to the moment of its
removal is a significant marker, especially for the maintenance service team  at manufacturing facilities. It allows to monitor the
effectiveness of the undertaken repair actions, which in turn impacts the
availability of the machines.

How is the MTTR indicator measured?

The MTTR indicator is determined by dividing the total maintenance time by the total number of failures that occurred.
The final result is represented in minutes or in hours. In practice, it is described
as mean time to repair.

For example: in a certain time period during the machine use, two failures
occurred. The first one lasted 4 hours and the second one- 2 hours.
Based on that data, we can calculate that the MTTR indicator- so the mean time
of the failure was 3 hours.
That is because: (4+2) h/2= 3h

You can find out more about effectiveness indicators in our articles where each
one of them has been described thoroughly.

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