Bill of material – what is it?

Entrepreneurs who plan production know this is not an easy task and is quite problematic. The whole area of material requirement planning is made up of several factors. However, in today’s article, I will focus on presenting one. We are referring here to the bill of material. Find out what this solution is and what you can gain from using it.

What is a bill of material?

A bill of material, or BOM for short, is a statement of the materials and other elements needed to produce a particular product. The BOM is a list containing an inventory of all the parts necessary to make a given good. It places detailed information that corresponds to the required factors needed to complete the production of a product.

In what situations can a bill of material be used?

The Bill of Material can have different uses, depending on the industry in which it will be used. For example, those involved in production can use it to develop a production concept and define all the requirements that will go into producing a product. On the other hand, those with expertise in engineering science will be able to use the solution to view the chosen concept and review the entire project for additional changes that would be worthwhile. Finally, the workers who maintain the products can use the bill of materials to identify elements that might need treatment to keep the product in good condition.

What should a bill of the material list contain?

There are many cases in which it is worth reaching for a bill of material solution. This is because it allows a list of specific information to be drawn up, which will be a fundamental factor in identifying the overall production programme. When planning production, it is crucial to determine precisely what is needed to produce a particular product. Therefore, elements such as the name of the material, the quantity and number of this material, a brief description, the unit of measurement or the dimension and weight of the selected part, among others, must be included in the BOM. The BOM list may consist of even more items depending on the industry.

What can be gained from using the BOM?

Drawing up a bill of materials will allow employees to do their work more efficiently. A clear plan will help them determine which materials need repair. Moreover, through this solution, the team’s availability to perform their duties can be checked. Thanks to the CMMS system, which is responsible for the maintenance and support of the work of the technical departments, the employee can make much faster and more accurate use of the statements of materials needed for production. They can even determine which shop has the parts required for production and prepare to order them.

A word summary of the bill of material

Summarising all the information, it is essential to state that using a bill of material in one’s industrial plant can make it much easier for employees to carry out their daily duties related to the planning of production material requirements. In addition, all work is streamlined by the innovative CMMS system, which is integrated into this planning area. Therefore, if you want to improve your company’s operations, use the BOM solution.


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