What is the MTTF indicator?

The MTTF Indicator (MTTF: Mean time to failure) determines the average time it
will take for a failure to occur. This is especially important in the case of
with a long running time. The indicator itself is indirectly intertwined with the
remaining KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), specially the MTBF indicator.
We wrote more about the MTBF indicator in our previous post.

What is the MTTF used for anyway?

One of the basic elements of well organized production process and
maintenance is the right selection of indicators; allowing for monitoring the
functioning of machines and devices, and for matching them based on the right
management strategy.

Nevertheless, implementing the right management strategy and coordinating
the maintenance based on that strategy calls for periodic effectiveness
evaluation of the IT infrastructure. One of such indicators is precisely the MTTF
indicator, showing literally: mean time to failure. It is used by companies to plan
the upkeep work in maintenance processes.

What is the MTTF indicator and how do you determine one?

The MTTF indicator is calculated as the average time for a device to work, from the time of its last repair until the next failure. It is determined by dividing the difference between the work time, the failure time and the amount of failure

To better understand how calculating this key performance indicator (KPI)
actually works, letʼs look the example below.

Letʼs say that during a certain time period, a machine was functioning properly
for 100 hours. During the estimate time, a failure occurred twice. The first one
lasted 2 hours and the second one: 1 hour. Apart from the above, the machine
was in service for 5 hours which means the it was out of order for that amount
of time.

The MTTF indicator in such case is 23 hours: (100 h – 8 h)/4= 23 h

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