Preventive Maintenance

The basic success factor of most manufacturing businesses is a smooth functioning of equipment in the machine park, indispensable in the production

Effective traffic maintenance management of machines and devices does contribute significantly to the overall effectiveness of any enterprise- which in
turn, has a direct impact on its financial condition.

What is preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is a group of actions, undertaken by the maintenance service, pursuing exploitative strategies aimed at reducing the risk of an
unplanned outage or any other failure. Preventive maintenance can be achieved with the following:

  • planning/ preventive maintenance; by keeping abreast of the maintaince service schedule
  • predictive maintenance actions; based on the condition estimate

Tools and actions supporting preventive maintenance

The most frequently used actions at production facilities, implemented by the maintenance service are:

  • machine park maintenance
  • servicing, replacing parts per maintenance schedule
  • machine readings
  • facility inspection

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