Predictive maintenance

In order to better understand the strategy of predictive maintenance, letʼs have
a closer look at the meaning of the word itself.

«In general, prediction is the process of determining the magnitude of
statistical variates at some future point of time»

*OECD: The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development


What is Predictive Maintenance ?

Predictive maintenance is one of the maintenance strategies, implemented by
the maintenance service to ensure optimum equipment usage, by reducing the
risk of failure and by taking optimal preventive actions, based on the estimated
condition of the equipment.

The aim of predictive maintenance (PdM) is above of all, forecasting the time
and the likelihood of failure as well as recommending the kind of maintenance
service required, to prevent one from happening. The predictive approach
significantly decreases the reactive maintenance services- the main cause of
machine downtime.

In the case of this strategy, the biggest ally has been the dynamic development
of the Internet of Things (IoT). Predictive maintenance uses sensors in order to
monitor the condition and to assess the capability of supplies in real time. The
key element of this process is precisely the Internet of Things. The IoT allows
supplies to be combined, interconnected; cooperating, analyzing and enabling
data in real time.

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