In the 5S method, order = efficiency?

What significantly improves the operation of all departments in any company is, of course, order. However, to introduce and maintain it, we need the right solution because only in theory is it simple and without any complications. The problem grows as the importance of the company increases, and at the same time, as the number of people employed and the size and number of departments controlled increases.

What can we do to make governance a reality in our company?

It is worthwhile to create an innovative, yet probably familiar to all, system of rules in your company. The 5S principle discussed will be able to keep any company in order. The 5S method, or the method that implements the five principles of the letter S in a business, involves introducing five specific steps, each starting with the letter S. It sounds straightforward, doesn’t it?

What are all five of these principles?

For the 5S method to become a reality, five steps, or principles, need to be implemented:

  • Sorting,

  • Systematics,

  • Cleaning,

  • Standardisation,

  • Self-discipline.

These rules sound pretty straightforward, but it is worth remembering that each should be explained to our employees so that no doubts are left that might make the rules not work as they should.

Sorting is using only the things necessary for the job at the workstation. Systematics means organising the workplace, so that the equipment in the area is labelled and properly placed. Cleaning is about tidying up the workplace regularly so that there are no things in it that disrupt the employee’s focus. Standardisation means that standards must be set for the equipment of a particular post. Finally, self-discipline is the ability to develop the proper habits to follow all the principles mentioned in the four preceding sub-rules.

Where is it worth implementing this type of system?

Any company that wants to grow needs IT systems and well-organised employees who can perform their duties as efficiently as possible. By adhering to the principles mentioned above, any group reporting to a challenging employer will get much better results from their work due to the absence of factors that reduce their focus.

A less distracted employee works better and more willingly, and the results are much more beneficial to the employer. Therefore, engaging in any training that teaches us an awareness of such a business operation is worthwhile. With the 5S method, we will quickly bring our company to the level we dream of. It is well worth your time as it will definitely be beneficial. Introducing the 5S method will pass the test in any thriving company.


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