MES: enhancing production control and efficiency

Due to the speed at which new technologies emerge, manufacturing companies’ business processes are changing rapidly. As a result, the need to produce differentiated goods is increasing, and the decisions that concern the production plan are changing. In this situation, it is the producers who have a major responsibility. Regardless of the changing operational environment, they need to make rational decisions. There are many solutions on the market today to support production processes. One of these is the MES, or manufacturing execution control system. Find out precisely what this solution is and what benefits businesses can expect from its implementation.

Characteristics of MES software

The MES system is software designed to provide accurate information to employees/operators related to production processes. This data is expected to improve the optimisation and control of processes covering the ordering stage and the activity involved in delivering finished goods to customers. It should be added that the MES system is one such IT solution that can effectively reduce errors and increase the efficiency of business processes. Furthermore, those responsible for production are informed of its actual status in real-time, contributing to better resource use.

The 5 main factors for implementing the MES system

Any entrepreneur who implements the MES system in his company can count on many benefits. There are 5 such key factors through which tangible benefits can be achieved. These should include the following:

  • Accurate and detailed information on order fulfilment – in this case, every production process started is recorded. The MES system determines the start date of production activities and sets the day on which planned production is to be completed.
  • The monitoring of production from start to finish – this measure allows each stage of production to be viewed. Thanks to this factor, in a sub-critical situation, a quick, if not immediate, a response can be taken to resolve the problem that has arisen.
  • An increase in the productivity of the machinery and equipment in the plant is linked to the proper addition of diagnostic sensors.
  • Better use of resources thanks to the data analysis carried out.
  • Reducing errors.

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