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A program designed to schedule maintenance

That paper calendar for preventive maintenance is no longer sufficient and does not bring tangible results?

Quit that Excel! Preventive maintenance is a process, not just a deadline on a piece of paper. Save time and create a schedule for machine and device inspections in QRmaint CMMS.

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Learn about the features that will simplify your preventive work management


Email notifications about an upcoming task

Set a notification so that you do not skip any important maintenance, inspection or other preventive work.


A graphical schedule

Easily monitor preventive tasks whether they have been completed on time and preview those planned.


Checklist templates

Create templates to automate and streamline your inspection performance.


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Full control over the technical condition of machines, devices and facilities

The preventive strategy for the maintenance department is based on the prior agreed schedule of inspections and repairs. Its purpose is to ensure high availability of machines and devices. A defective machine translates into financial losses for any manufacturing plant. Use the potential of the CMMS system and define a maintenance schedule right for your organization, with QRmaint.

  • automatic generation of maintenance work orders at the right time
  • email and text message notifications about upcoming technical inspections or any other inspections
  • a clear graphical schedule for all preventive work orders
  • reports divided according to the machine type and the type of maintenance work
  • inspection of objects with checklists
  • history of maintenance work of machines and devices
  • records of spare parts used during preventive maintenance
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Clear graphic schedule

  • Filtering preventive plans for individual production areas
  • Tracking the implementation of preventive plans for critical machines
  • Sharing the prevention schedule with production masters
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zrzut ekranu

Effective implementation of preventive work resulting from schedule

Preventive maintenance is a process that starts with planning a schedule to timely completion of all work orders and by relevant individuals from the maintenance department.

It is not enough to create a paper calendar and recognize that the PM Plan is in place at the facility. QRmaint: with this CMMS all maintenance technicians know their work orders and when they need to be started.

  • automatic assigning of work orders to the relevant employees
  • simple management of brigades and shifts
  • checklists with signatures
  • an intuitive mobile application facilitating the work of technicians
  • data export for further analysis or reporting
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Simplify audits with the help of CMMS

Having a certified quality management system (ISO 9001) is a must when conducting internal and external audits.

One of the requirements of ISO certification is a meticulous record of all maintenance work performed and the exact schedule, for instance an archived calendar of preventive work orders. Use QRmaint to obtain an ISO certificate or to meet the requirements to be eligible to retain one.

  • archive all preventive maintenance works of your machines and devices
  • create reports and documentation for audits
  • keep a complete history of machinery and facilities
  • documentation, instructions and procedures- all in one place; inspections with checklists and electronic signatures
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It’s easy to get started with QRmaint

And it’s free for 14 days. No credit card, no commitment.