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The QRmaint system is a reasonably versatile system that enables the acceptance of breakdown calls and work schedules for the ongoing operation or maintenance of equipment or properties.

Please find out how customers from different industries use our app.

QRmaint as a maintenance support system for production facilities

QRmaint is a classic CMMS supporting maintenance services in production facilities.

Preventive and reactive maintenance processes can be designed and operated in the system.

The system can report and report on production line downtime, plan ongoing maintenance of machinery and equipment and delegate work to maintenance technicians. Customers also benefit from reports and analyses of maintenance indicators such as MTTR or MTBF.

At present, the portfolio of our clients includes dozens of production plants from various industries – including automotive, packaging ( Dolpapcompany), food processing or steel processing(Hanbud)

Technical maintenance of the property

The QRmaint system also provides support for the technical maintenance of the property.

Property management companies, property maintenance services, and community boards accept fault reports by defining locations and the QR codes assigned to them.

The application also plans cyclical work to be carried out at the property (building inspections, lift UDT) and ongoing maintenance work (cleaning and verifying building installations).

At present, our services are used by several property maintenance companies (e.g. Komfort Serwis from Warsaw or ET Serwis from Trójmiasto), administrators of residential and commercial buildings or housing communities (e.g. Zielone Zacisze V Housing Community from Warsaw)

Check out the case study of Komfort Serwis

Equipment service

QRmaint is an excellent system for accepting service requests.

In QRmaint, we enable customers to report failures using a variety of channels of communication (e-mail, form, QR code), thus making registering an accident much more straightforward.

Using the device’s QR code, our customers also take orders for consumables for the equipment they service.

In addition, through a device register, the system allows the warranty periods for the device submitted for repair to be tracked and the cost of the service order to be recorded.

The use of the mobile app facilitates the work of technicians providing services in the field.

Our services are currently used by more than a dozen service providers, such as AWP Work Platforms, which provides service for work-at-height equipment.

Public facilities

QRmaint works well wherever there are devices that can fail.

It has, therefore, also been recognised in public facilities management.

The QRmaint system reports equipment breakdowns used by educational establishments, hospitals and theatres. The equipment used in these facilities is marked with a QR code so an emergency can be reported quickly. In addition, assigning a device to a location in the system means that, despite sites being often quite extensive, the technicians responsible for handling breakdown calls have complete information about where the breakdown occurred and which device is affected.

QRmaint also supports the mandatory periodic inspection of equipment (e.g. emergency equipment) in health facilities and monitors the condition of equipment (e.g. the temperature of refrigerators in which medicines are stored).

Currently, one of the largest implementations of QRmaint in this type of facility is at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, where more than a dozen calls to the technical department are taken over every day.

Retail chains

QRmaint also supports retail outlets in the nationwide grocery chain Lewiatan.

Thanks to the implementation of our system, employees in individual shops can report minor equipment failures (cash registers, refrigeration equipment) and order advertising materials by creating tasks for the marketing department.

Using the assignment of external service companies, the applications registered by the employees at retail outlets go straight to the relevant companies that provide maintenance services.

Using QRmaint for corporate asset management

The QRmaint system works well wherever assets need to be managed.

This is why it is also used by companies that want to control their corporate assets effectively. Among other things, the system records computers, means of transport, and all equipment used in companies.

The system monitors guarantee deadlines, mandatory inspections or insurance policy deadlines. Thanks to the input of readings, the system also works well for monitoring vehicle fleets – creating maintenance orders after a certain number of kilometres have been driven.

One of the companies actively using our system is Fernity, an importer of modern furniture.

New applications every day

The ease of configuration and customisation of the system means that we are surprised by our customers using our system for potentially different purposes than we had planned.

However, thanks to an ambitious team of developers, we can develop the application to apply to various industries; if you can’t cope with breakdowns or asset management, check ours! So if you have an idea and don’t know if our system can do it, contact us – we may just be working on a solution to your problem!

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We are constantly working on developing the QRmaint application to meet our customers’ requirements. If you have an idea of how you would like to use our CMMS and you haven’t found such a functionality – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – at


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